Simple Meander (stipple) – computerised for perfect even stitches.

$0.02 per sq inch

Edge to edge – one design all over the entire quilt – computerised - hundreds of patterns to choose from.

$0.025 - $0.03 per sq inch


Edge to Edge with Custom Borders - all over design in the body of the quilt with custom borders. Computerised.

$0.035 - $0.04 per sq inch

Simple Custom – no Stitch in the Ditch (SID), a custom design for the blocks with a separate design for borders & sashing. Computerised or freehand quilting.

$0.04 – 0.06 per sq inch

Custom Quilting - Stitch in the ditch around details, requiring several stops & starts, thread changes, separate designs for blocks, borders & sashing. It may require hand marking and very detailed work. I will work with you and your budget to create a lasting heirloom.

$0.06 - $0.12 per sq inch

  • Minimum Fee of $50 for Small Quilts

  • Thread Charge - $2.00 for each bobbin used (speciality threads may be more)

  • Batting – I carry Hobbs 80/20 - 96” wide 

  • Shipping Quilts is at your expense

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