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Quilt Path - Day One

Quilt Path Basics


Two Day Class

call for dates

9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Quilt Path Basics

  • Overview of Quilt Path Functions

  • Downloading Patterns - saving

  • Pantographs – Basic

  • Setting up a Panto - saving, stitching out

  • Placement Options – within Quilt boundaries, inside a border

  • Sizing - keeping circles round

  • How to use Corner Flags

  • Flipping, Nesting, Alternating

  • Combining rows – to stitch as one pattern

  • Bottom row options – fitting, cutting off, stretching

  • Pantographs- Advanced

  • Creating your own Pantos

  • Combining Designs

  • Using Advanced to stitch out partial bottom row

  • Starting back up after a thread break

  • Repairing previous rows

  • Answers to your Panto Questions

Quilt Path - Day Two



Two Day Class

call for dates

9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Custom Quilting with Quilt Path

  • Choosing Patterns

  • Placement Options

  • Placing Blocks, Triangles, Rhombus, odd shapes

  • Sashings

  • Border Feature

    • Placing, editing corners

  • Chunking Borders, sashing

  • Turning a Quilt

  • Pattern Cad

    • Editing Designs – using parts of a pattern

    • Joining Blocks to make a panto

    • Moving start points, copying, merging

    • Drawing Tools in CAD

  • Marking Tool

  • Fabric Compensation

  • Your Custom Quilting Questions

Beginner Longarm Class


6 Hour class

contact me to book a date

This intensive one day class is for new owners. You will learn the skills you need to complete typical quilting projects on your new longarm machine. Supply information, thread and batting, maintenance (APQS specific), tension, customer contact and consultation, various ways to load a quilt, how to conquer pantographs, basic custom quilting skills like border designs, blocks, stitching in the ditch and more, and business tips. Free for New APQS Owners


Introduction to Longarm Quilting


3 Hour Class

Imperfect Quilt Tops


3 Hour class

This class is for anyone new to longarm quilting or struggling to keep their quilts square. We will work on mounting, easing in fullness, basting how and when it is necessary. Keeping your quilt square as we move down the quilt. Avoiding frowns and smiles on the bottom border, wavy borders etc.

Everything Tension


3 Hour class

This class is devoted entirely to tension. How is a stitch formed, how and when do you adjust bobbin tension? What are the variables in achieving the elusive perfect tension?
What about specialty threads? We will work through all the variables and learn some great tricks and tips.

Are you curious about longarm quilting, or longarms in general? 
In this one on one class I will introduce you to the world of Longarm Quilting.
Bring along a baby quilt or small quilt no larger than 50" x 50". Learn the basics of using a stitch regulated longarm. Using a few simple designs you will go home with a completed quilt top. As this is a practice piece please don't bring a precious quilt top.

Class Notes:

  • All Classes are limited to 3 Students to maximise learning

  • Intro to Longarming is one on one

  • Class Fee must be paid in advance

  • Contact me to schedule a custom date

  • Call 250-768-4763 or email to register

  • Class fees are not refundable

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